The growth of the City of Westmount prompted Bro.Thomas Chambers of St. Georges Lodge No. 440 E.R. to seek assistance in forming a Masonic Lodge and supported by Wor. Bro. E.W.T. Raddon of Prince Consort Lodge No. 52 G .R.Q ., a meeting was arranged at Elm Hall in Westmount on December 3rd. 1897. Interest was sufficient that a petition was com-pleted at the meeting and a request for sponsorship directed to Royal Victoria Lodge No. 57 G.R.Q . The petition to Grand Lodge resulted in the issuance of a dispensation on January 24th, 1898. The first meeting of the new Lodge was held on March 7,1898 with Wor. Bro. E. W. T. Raddon as Master and by the time of consecration on March 22nd, 1899, membership had grown to 53.

Charter Members - Westmount Lodge No. 76

Bro. Thomas Chambers St George's Lodge No. 440 E.R.
Bro. George S,. Plow Prince Consort Lodge No. 52 G.R.Q.
Bro. James Morrison Prince Consort Lodge No. 52 G.R.Q.
Bro. J.T. Ewart Shawinigan Lodge No. 49 G.R.Q.
Bro. C.A. Senez Montarville Lodge No. 58 G.R.Q.
Bro. Hugh Vallance St. Andrew's Lodge No. 532 S.C.
Bro. Thomas Moffit - I.C.
W.Bro. Duncan McCormick St. George's Lodge No. 10 G.R.Q.
Bro. James Harrison Prince Consort Lodge No. 52 G.R.Q.
W. Bro. John Harland Handyside Lodge No. 1618 E.R.
W. Bro. E.W.T. Raddon Prince Consort Lodge No. 52 G.R.Q.
Bro. The Hon. J.K. Ward Shawinigan Lodge No. 49 G.R.Q.
Bro. C. Powney Montreal-Kilwinning Lodge No. 20 G.R.Q.
Bro. E.K. Watson Montarville Lodge No. 58 G.R.Q.
Bro. W.S. Boyd St. John's Lodge No. 10 G.R.Q.
By-laws provided for an initiation fee of $35.00. an affiliation fee of $5.00 and regular dues of 40 cents per month payable monthly. Until 1923 it was customary for the Masters of Westmount Lodge to be installed by a present or past D.D.G.M. and until 1919 occupation of the Secretary's chair was a prerequisite to the office of Warden and subsequent Mastership. 24 members of Westmount served their country with distinction during the war of 1914-18. In March 1920 the Lodge adopted the custom of presenting to each candidate the Volume of the Sacred law upon which his obligation had been taken. By 1921 membership was approaching 250 and it was deemed advisable to accept only 8 candidates during any one year. An increasing desire for information concerning the order resulted in the formation of a study club in 1923 which still exists today as the Masonic Study Club. The Lodge bulletin was born in 1924 and continues to be published thanks to V. W or. Bro. J. Howard Richardson C.M. Misfortune befell the Lodge on March 8th 1924 when fire destroyed the old Victoria Hall. Thanks to the efforts of some brave members the Charter, Volume of the Sacred Law and Working Tools were saved. On May 9th, 1925 the Lodge resumed labour in the new Victoria Hall. The practice of commencing meetings at 5:30 p.m . began in September 1937 and was much appreciated by the older members. Brethren of Westmount Lodge have served the Craft well in many capacities and we are proud of the long list of Grand Honours that they, through their ability and zeal, have earned and which reflect great honour to their Lodge and its founders.

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