In December 1928 a petition, signed by 26 Master Masons was presented to the Grand Master requesting permission to form a new Lodge to further serve the growing suburb of Notre Dame de Grace. The petition was accompanied by a recommendation from Isaac H enry Stearns Lodge No. 92 with an offer of sponsorship. The Most Worshipful H .R. H . The Duke of Connaught, then Governor General of Canada, graciously agreed to act as Patron of the new Lodge and on May 13th, 1930 Connaught Lodge N o. 111 w as form ally consecrated and assigned to district No. 1. It is interesting to note that of the 26 Masons requesting the privilege of forming a Lodge 18 were from jurisdictions outside the Grand Lodge of Quebec, namely the Grand Lodges of Manitoba, Ontario, Nova Scotia, British Columbia, Jersey (Channel Islands) England, Scotland and Ireland.

Charter Members - Connaught Lodge No. 111

Wor. Bro. W . Frank Thompson of the sponsoring Lodge was elected as the first Master and did much to set the high standard to which the new Lodge was dedicated. Their success was outstanding and in spite of the difficult years of the great depression they built a sure foundation and became well known throughout the district as a sincere and hard working group of Masons. The founders believed a reasonably limited membership would develop intimate friendships and maintain a closely knit unit. This policy was continued by their successors. The Craft benefited from the talents of W. Bro. W. C. Clapperton, a Charter member, and co-founder of the Masonic Choir and until his death, itıs highly respected conductor. Many members of Connaught served Grand Lodge and the appendant bodies with dedications and distinction notably Most Worshipful Br. Donald L. Witter who, at the tim e of writing, has completed 66 years of continuous membership in the Craft.

W. Francis Thompson
Charles T. Cresswell
L. St. John Leselleur
Alexander M. Baird
Laurie H. Lewis
James Johnston
Robert E. Emerson
Russell A. Copeman
Thomas Clarke
Thomas V. Johnston
Walter Clapperton
Robert Reynolds
Oswald J. Stanyon
Harlod Traylen
Malcolm Lemieux
Robert J. Williamson
Alfred T. Alexander
William J. Uren
Clair Mill
George M. Alexander
Frank C. Gittens
Arthur Hatton
John Scholfield
Maurice Prest
Herbert K. Wright


Most of the 233 members who signed our by-laws moved in management circles and were therefore subject to transfer. Many of our Past Masters retired to a warmer climate and that coupled with the exodus of the 70ıs, made it difficult to operate in a truly Masonic manner. A union with our sister Lodge Concordia in 1975 stemmed the tide for a time but the absence of candidates made it increasingly difficult to maintain our standards.

Succession of Masters - Connaught Lodge No. 111

W. Francis Thompson 1929-30
Harold Traylen 1931
Walter S. Clapperton 1932
James Johnston 1933
John Schofield 1934
Donald L. Witter 1935
Frank T. Gittens 1936
Herbert K, Wright 1937
Thomas V. Johnston 1938
Robert E. Emerson 1939
Thomas W. Jones 1940
Leonard St.J. LeSeelleur
Thomas Haughland 1942
Robert Reynolds 1943
William Black 1944
Ernest C. Wells 1945
Harry P. Glencross 1946
W. Gordon Mills 1947
Ernest G.W. Allwood 1948
Harold C. Burley 1949
Lyle H. Smithers 1950
Frederick H. Dykes 1951
Frederick C. McMillan 1952
Finlay Mossman 1953
Herbert M. McGirr 1954
Joseph F. Whatley 1955
1941 Walter C. Clapperton 1956
Cyril E.C. Tatchford 1957
Lloyd W. Sinnott 1958
Stuart F. Hogue 1959
John Semple 1960
Herbert E. Moorhead 1961
Worthy E. Burcombe 1962
Roy E. Cochrane 1963
John C. Habkirk 1964
Henry Ehren 1965
Herbert E. Moorhead 1966
Alexandros G. Antonopolous 1967
John S. Louden 1968
Howard M. Blaber 1969
Donald R. Ellis 1970
Henry A. Jolivert 1971
Michael R. Alexander 1972
Kenneth S. Fraser 1973
Douglas A. Wales 1974-75

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