It is not often that a Lodge is given the privilege of sponsoring two "Daughter" Lodges in the short space of 11 years after its own formation, yet such was the case when Isaac Henry Stearns No. 92 agreed, in 1931, to support a second Lodge to be known as Concordia N o. 114. It was predominantly a "family" affair as the list of Brethren signing the petition for dispensation shows: 6 from Isaac Henry Stearns and 5 from Westmount plus those of 11 other Lodges. The Lodge was instituted in the Masonic Chambers of Victoria H all by Most Worshipful Bro. W .M . Couper on September 10th, 1931 with Wor. Bro. G .S. L. Retallack as their first Master. Charter members - Concordia Lodge No. 114. From the outset the two "Daughter" Lodges worked and played together. Friendly competition prevailed at all times and several; members of one Lodge would visit the other regularly just to ³check-up². The Junior Wardenıs account took a beating but what a joy for the Master to have a full Lodge room . One of the Connaught me bers was such a frequent visitor to Concordia he was made an Honourary member. R. Wor. Bro. F.C. McMillan then had obligations to both Lodges.The members of each Lodge were ardent supporters of the several bodies of Freemasonry and as neither Lodge lacked excellent ritualists, work at all levels was conducted with dignity and reverence to the constitutions, traditions and teachings of the Order.

Charter members - Concordia Lodge No. 114

James Hamilton Ferns
Walter B. Snow
Harry Wright
Francis Francis Gerald
C. Earl McNiece
James Morrison
Percy G.H. Amery
Cecil B. Town
Louden E. Butters
Robert J.G. McFarland
Garnet S.L. Retallac
John Baillie
Edward W. Francis
F.J. Eastwood
E.M. Kirke Boyd
John A. Dixon
Archie B. Jarvis
Reginald H. Nash
John M.C. Duckworth
William J. Neville

Succession of Masters - Concordia Lodge No. 114
An outstanding feature of Concordia was their annual floor members night, a commendable practice, which proved an ideal training ground for advancement to the higher stations. A dearth of acceptable candidates, changing priorities and a refusal to lower standards just to survive, led to talks with Connaught of a joint operations. In the fall of 1975 the amalgamation process was com plete, 213 members having signed the by-laws of Concordia.
Garnet S. Retallack 1931-34
John Baillie 1935
Edward W. Francis 1936
Harry Wright 1937
Archie B. Jarvis 1938
W.E.M. Kirke Boyd 1939
Louden E. Butters 1940
William P. Currie 1941
Frank W. Skinner 1942
E. Gordon Townsend 1943
George N.C. Patterson 1944
Harry R. Gulliver 1945
Frank J. Tozer 1946
J. Nelson Hunter 1947
Lyman I. Playfair 1948
Hulbert T. Schurman 1949
Allan A. Eggleston 1950
J. Howard Crossan 195
Peter W. Gow 1952
William B.M. Walsh 1953
Samuel V. Jackson 1954
Glen Buchanan 1955
Arnold Lester 1956
L. Reginald Steeves 1957
John C.C. Nash 1958
John S. Dormer 1959
Dean T. Davis 1960
Norman W. Smith 1961
Phil H. Raymond 1962
Maurice W. Hallett 1963
William Metzger 1964
J. Edward Robinson 1965
Charles D. Dixon 1966
Doug M. Vickers 1967
Victor O. West 1968
William E. Lunn 1969
Norman Tyldsley 1970
Cecil W. Bridges 1971
John C.C. Nash 1972
G. Clifford Johnston 1973
Thomas A. Rheaume 1974
G. Clifford Johnston 1975

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