From the time of institution, Connaught Lodge No. 111 on March 26th 1929 and Concordia Lodge No. 114 on September 10th, 1931, the two daughters of Isaac Henry Stearns Lodge No. 92 enjoyed an especially warm and rewarding fellowship. For over four decades they prospered and served the Craft with dignity and zeal. However in the latter years the changing lifestyles of society produced a small but steady erosion in the membership of both Lodges. The brethren decided to join forces in an attempt to regain their former impetus and efficiency. Concord seemed to best describe the relationship which existed during their lifetime and therefore it was not surprising that "Concord" was selected as the name of the new Lodge. A special communication of Grand Lodge was held in the Masonic Chambers of Victoria H all on October 7th. 1975 when the Grand Master M.Wor. Bro. W . George Green, assisted by his fellow officers, constituted and consecrated Concord Lodge No. 111, then presented the warrant to Wor. Bro. Douglas A. Wales in his capacity as Master. The subsequent months were filled with activity and determination to make the amalgamation succeed; and it did. The details fell into place as planned and the Lodge grew stronger for a time. How ever the gentle erosion of Past Masters and new mem bers continued and it became increasingly difficult to maintain that enthusiasm and pioneer spirit so necessary to a new Lodge. The final blow came in 1980 when both the Worshipful Master and the Secretary were transferred to Ontario and the 1981 slate of Officers, except for three, consisted of Past Masters; a caretaker govern ment accomplishing what? Rather than just surrendering the charter and cut all members adrift, a program was instituted, with the blessing of Grand Lodge, to encourage all members, wherever they might be, to associate with a Lodge of their choosing. At the same time the possibility of joining a local Lodge was being quietly investigated. It was gratifying to those involved that, when the final summons was issued in Decem ber 1981, sixty-five percent of the members had chosen to remain actively associated with the Craft. Through arrangement, affiliating Life members were extended similar privileges with their chosen Lodge. Westmount Lodge No. 76 extended an invitation to all uncommitted members to join their ranks and continue serving the Craft. So mote it be.

Succession of Masters - Concord Lodge No. 111

Douglas A. Wales 1975

Michael R. Alexander 1976

William B.M. Walsh 1977

Alec J. Parkinson 1978-79

Ian F. Edgar 1980

A.C. Hugh Taylor 1981

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